Welcome to the Transception Institute.  We’ve been expecting you. 

I’ve always wanted to say that.

Your path to Transcendence

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Introducing an exciting NEW program designed to bring you to the heights and depths of your soul.  In addition to that you will learn how to repair your own physical body.  We have spent decades in development and study and now we present our discoveries to you.

We would like to give you some information on exactly what this program is all about.  The idea is that you can become a whole and integrated human being even in today’s world.  

Many people work on their physical bodies to get into shape.  Others concentrate their efforts on their spiritual growth.  At Transception Institute we have integrated both the physical and spiritual aspects of personal development.  

What does that mean exactly?  It means to become completely incarnate.  It means to experience the whole you and the whole of what the multiverse has to offer





“The Path to Transcendence is an ancient path of direct experience accessing one’s own inner wisdom teacher, leading one to spiritual awakening, emotional healing, and self empowerment and sheds light on the unconscious potential within bringing forth wholeness and authenticity.” 

Integrative Breathwork – Deborah Jacobson

Your Body


You will learn how to realign your body, on your own with no special tools, equipment or outside help.  You will experience true and actual structural repair to your bodies from old injuries which are making you now ill. 

Imagine feeling like you did before “life” happened.



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Your Mind

Have you noticed that  most people walk around as if in a daze?  People engage in behavior that is habitual and mind-numbing.  Your mind is a powerful tool that is being underutilized right now.  We will show you how to use your mind in ways that you may have not even considered at this point.




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Your Soul

Did you know that you are a bio-electric transceiver?  As humans we are sending and receiving various input from dynamic and mostly untapped sources all the time.  You only need to know how to listen.  We can show you.  Learn that you are not a finite being occupying a small body.  You are an expansive multidimensional being who is ready to grow.



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Video Seminars & Courses

We have partnered with Thinkific to bring you the finest in quality and presentation.

Live Interactive Classes

We offer live group and individual private lessons.

Weekend Excursions

We offer weekend trips to Sedona, AZ for a great way to learn in person and meet your fellow sojourners.


Donna Angelle and Michael Charette

Shaolin Kung-Fu Master. Spiritual Warrior

Twin Flame Cosmic Mountaineers

Union of a twin flame couple.  They are mirror opposites who magnify the shadow side of the other and also share the same vibratory frequencies. 

Who We Are


Donna and Michael knew one another from an online news and events bulletin board.  For years they interacted online and when Michael moved near to where Donna lived they decided to meet face to face.  Their meeting was remarkable for many reasons.  Not the least of which was that they had so many things in common that when Donna was having a conversation about it with another friend she was told to go look up Twin Flames.